Jason & Demarco at Neighbours Nightclub

Published by on November 6th, 2007

Jason and Demarco

Jason & Demarco, winner of Music Video of the Year 2006 on MTV LOGO, will be performing live at Neighbours Nightclub 1509 Broadway Seattle on Friday November 9, 2007.

Their first single “Trying to Get to You” climbed the Billboard Charts and their second single, “This is Love” won “Music Video of the Year 2006″ on MTV’s LOGO. In 2004, Jason and deMarco appeared on the cover of The Advocate magazine with their new album Spirit Pop.

“The Advocate cover introduced us to people outside of the community of faith. It was very exciting and I definitely think it introduced us to many new people” says Jason. “The irony, however, was that we were launching our mainstream pop career while The Advocate focused on the gay Christian aspect of who we are, and so many people assumed that our music was gay and Christian. We became the poster boys for the gay Christian community.

“We’ve had to work at clarifying that although we are both gay and men of faith, our music is not religious, nor is it gay,” continues Jason. “Our music has a message, and if I had to call it anything, it would be “uplifting.” We want it to speak to everyone, not only people of one particular faith.”

According to their website they will be perform a 30 minute “Remix” Set at 11:30 pm.

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