"Lone Star" bombed last night, but James Wolk is a big gay hit!

Published by on September 22nd, 2010

Fox’s Lone Star got off to a shaky start last night in its premiere, but star James Wolk is a BIG hit with viewers and SGS readers. I put him in “The Daily Nooner” a couple weeks back and that post got a RIDICULOUS amount of hits, mainly from people typing in “James Wolk Gay” into search engines…Regardless of his sexuality, Mr. Wolk seems to be VERY popular. If Lone Star ends up biting the dust, I’m guessing the actor won’t be hurting for work. He’s already got a movie career going with a co-starring role in the new Kristen Bell/Jaimie Lee Curtis/Sigourney Weaver comedy “You, Again” which is out Friday. For now, enjoy this screencaps from last night’s show, courtesy of Squarehippies. Check out more pix on their website.

-Michael Strangeways

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