Cuff on Sundays is Seattle’s longest running Tea Dance

Published by on November 14th, 2010

Every Sunday, Cuff Complex hosts the longest running Tea Dance in Seattle. And at the helm, John England is the city’s longest working DJ. Following in the footsteps of the old Timberline’s Jim Detwiler, DJ John England’s Sunday format starts out by playing retro disco, 80s and 90s club hits for the first three hours and then slides into a newer KNHC style up-tempo dance format, buffered with a bit of underground thrown in to spice things up.

DJ John England reveals that the majority of the music played on any given Cuff Sunday Tea Dance is request driven by whoever is in the room. So one Sunday is never exactly like the last one, which makes the experience more exciting.

“We run the gamut from ABBA to Deamau5 and everything in between.” England explains, “Usually most clubs are pretty dead on Sunday nights but we are always packed because its a safe environment, great security, the absolute best and cleanest sound system in Seattle as well as the best light system with a guy who actually knows how to run them and myself, the longest working DJ in Seattle for the past 34 years continuously.”

Sunday Tea Dance at Cuff Complex is every Sunday from 6pm until close. Drink specials go up until midnight and include domestic drafts for $1.50 and $2 single well drinks or $4 doubles. Cover is just $5 and the event is always extremely popular before a major Monday holiday.

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