The “Huh?” Files: Why is Mickey Rourke playing rugby star Gareth Thomas in a film bio?

Published by on February 14th, 2011

One's Hot...One used to be kind of hot before he got douchey and had bad plastic surgery.

Have you heard about this? Welsh rugby star, Gareth Thomas, the only out gay professional footballer in the world is working with a screenwriter creating a script for a film biography. No director is attached to the project, but it already has a star. Former Has Been/Currently Resurrected due to The Wrestler actor Mickey Rourke announced he’s eager to play the athlete and is currently in Wales researching the role and attending rugby matches. Initial plans are to film the project later this year.

Well, this is all lovely except for one odd little thing. Gareth Thomas is 36 years old. Mickey Rourke is a hard 58 who could pass for 68 with the right lighting. Mickey is a former boxer and has a decent, albeit ravaged, body but he’s still too old and too puffy looking to play 36…and, it’s a bio pic; won’t there be scenes with a MUCH younger Thomas? The whole thing doesn’t make much sense, and to cap it off, Thomas has stated he is pleased that Rourke is playing the role and is giving the stink eye to naysayers:

“I don’t give a fuck about that,” says Thomas. “He’s the perfect person to play me. … It’s not about the physical. … “I sat with him many times and he really gets it. He’s a real deep, emotional person.”

It’s awesome that Mr. Thomas is supporting his chosen actor, but has the rugby player suffered too many head injuries? Is he unaware that film is a visual medium? That Mickey Rourke is a bit cray-cray? That, gay men aren’t going to shell out $11.50 to watch Mickey Rourke do ANYTHING in a film? (Who else is going to go see this film, at least in the U.S.? We don’t really have too many rugby fans…)

Is this a trainwreck waiting to happen? Or, will anything come of it? The script isn’t written, there doesn’t seem to be a director and I’ve yet to see anything that suggests this movie is actually in production other than the news a screenwriter is working with Thomas.

Besides, Mickey Rourke fans are still waiting for Rumble Fish 2: Takin’ the Bait! and 9½ Weeks: The Next Generation.

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