Stuff to Do. Friday, 4/29/11: Hal Sparks, Comeback w/Glitoris, Chablis Birfday at Lashes and so much more!

Published by on April 29th, 2011

Hal Sparks, aka "Dr. Tongue" is coming to Benaroya Hall tonight.

Another busy day/night of activities in Sea-Town. We’ve already done posts on Woman in Peril opening at the Annex Theatre and the T2-B2 rave at the Electric Tea Garden but there’s globs more options as well…

He’s not gay, but he played one on the TV…comedian/actor Hal Sparks, best known for his role as Michael Novotny on the American version of Queer as Folk and hosting Talk Soup, is in town for one night only for a stand-up show at Benaroya Hall with special guest Chris Bono. Tickets are still available for the show that starts at 8pm.

For smutty music lovers, there’s always Comeback w/Glitoris crew Devil Eyes and Queen Mookie and the usual suspects of DJ Porq and Colby B going on at Chop Suey starting at 9pm. Cover is only $6 if you show up before 11pm. And, it’s so close to the Electric Tea Garden, you can bop back and forth between the events! Decadent fun! Filthy posters! Hawt music!

The Lashes Cabaret at R Place is honoring their hostess, the Lady Chablis, with a weekend long Birfday celebration that also benefits YSPP (Youth Suicide Prevention Program). The tribute is TWO nights, Friday and Saturday starting at 9pm and there will be a boatload of special guest stars to pay homage to Queen Chablis. Check it out.

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