Dear Seattle Bars and Events: You want to be on our Pride Calendar? Then send us the skinny…and/or buy an ad.

Published by on June 10th, 2011

Also, create a press release and a Facebook invitation and update your website. It’s the age of the Internet…we need LINKS to the information in a calendar format.

Also: We have ads for sale for Pride. Reach MORE online readers in the area than ANY other Seattle LGBTQ website…if you want proof, we’d be happy to send it to you. AND, our ads are FAR cheaper than the other sites. So, why the hell spend huge amounts of your hard earned cash for very little benefit?

(and, in case you weren’t aware, few people under the age of 50 read print newspapers anymore…and, about 12 people under the age of 30 do so and that’s only because their computer/smart phone is in the shop being repaired…)

Email me at for more info and rates.

And, talk to us about sponsoring our Podcast and SGS-TV videos as well…LOTS of options with us for your advertising needs.

It’s 2011, not 1991…Old Media is dying (sadly). Wake up and smell the Starbucks.


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