Ms Van Dyke enjoyed the SOLIDARITY of the Parade…but, it needs more FLOATS!

Published by on June 28th, 2011

Hmmmm....ya think this is an example of what Lamar is referring to? Photo: Kathy Bugajsky

Gay Day is now a thing of the past, and we’ve managed, once again to prove that we can all come together. Something the rest of the world has had problems with since the beginning of time. The Queens spit polish their tiaras, the dykes spit shine their boots and their bikes, we work on our outfits and make dresses out of condoms, paper plates and water bottles. We dust the world with glitter, and revel in who we really are. The sky’s the limit, we’re queer, we’re here and dahling, we’re Fabulous!

Gay Pride is not only a celebration of our existence, it’s a display of solidarity as well as a visual reminder of our very own diversity as a community. We’re construction workers, doctors, lawyers, baristas, teachers, nurses and social workers. We’re artists and bankers, designated by corporate America as a substantial source of revenue. This recognition has its ups and downs.

The economy is in shambles, because corporate America has a death grip on the nation’s cash and assets. It’s gonna take a suicide bomber to pry their greedy little fingers loose. The economy is in shambles because of this country’s arrogant attitude towards other nations and the political choices they’ve made. According to the U.S. everyone, apparently, needs to structure their government after ours and if they don’t see it like that, we have ways to change their minds. We’ll invade their country, bomb their national monuments and kill anyone that gets in our way. Saving the world from itself is a very expensive proposition, and who better to set themselves up as a role model than America, a country in ruin.

Corporate America is now substantially represented in every Gay Day Parade in America. It’s one big commercial interruption after another. But the worst thing is they’re not even trying to entertain us, or in any way enhance our viewing pleasure. Instead, they’re filling our parades with lack luster displays of capitalism. Just say NO to branded vehicles blasting club music. If they’re gonna insist on being there, let’s insist on them getting with the program. Let’s use them instead of rolling over and letting them walk all over us in the name of sponsorship. If they want to play, make them pay.

I have not gotten a response from the Pride organizers, so I’m not clear on what they’re currently paying, but in my opinion that kind of advertising is worth a lot. If Amerian Airlines, Microsoft, Redbull, etc. each paid $10,000 dollars we’d have some money to work with to revive that old art form known as the float. If $3000.00 of every 10,000 went to various queer groups with artists and activists who wanted to design and create a float the parade could, once again, become a vision of lovliness, an extravagant display of our creativity as a community, another enthralling and exhilarating queer moment in time.

Strangeways Note: “Or, it’s nothing more than one huge commercial…”

And, I agree entirely. The lack of floats this year was disheartening. Queer people INVENTED parades and floats! Many of us were born with a glue gun in one hand and a bag of sequins and crepe paper flowers in the other! What gives, Seattle?

And, since I marched down the street wearing an Orbitz branded shirt in support of our friends at Three Dollar Bill Cinema, I realize I could be accused of hypocrisy but SGS didn’t have the bucks this year to sponsor our own float. And, Orbitz does generously support $3 Bill’s great work for the community.

Next year, should be a different story…I DO have a glue gun and a bag of sequins.

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