Your Gaily Weekend News: LOTS of Sh*t happened…both good and not so good.

Published by on July 25th, 2011

Norway now understands what it means to be the victim of domestic terrorism.

Not that surprisingly, Amy Winehouse joined the “27 Club”. Her friend Russell Brand makes some very touching remarks about her and some very tough remarks about how the entertainment industry copes with addicts. And, James St. James goes after douchebag celebrity doctor, Drew Pinksy.

The first wave of queer folk legally marry in New York State…including gay puppets from “Avenue Q”

The PUSA  POTUS and the Pentagon certify the end of DADT.

San Diego Comicon happened…area nerds ecstatic unless they couldn’t get into the panel on “How to Get Laid While Living in Your Mom’s Basement”.

Capitol Hill Block Party happened, and, as usual, thousands of actual Capitol Hill residents ignored it; thousands of 45 year old Redmond residents came back to the Hill to relive their youth, and the weather was awesome as it always is for Block Party. Maybe they should have CHBP every weekend for the rest of the “summer”?

Seattle Gay Scene participated in two events, “The Goodtime Summer Funtastic Variety Show” at Re-bar and “DaddyShack Disco” at The Baltic Room, both on the same night and while we were pleased with both events, Mr. Strangeways vows to never sing live on stage again OR to schedule two events on the same night…

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