A Quiet Moment from the Producer of “One Queen, Five Hillebrities”

Published by on January 10th, 2012

"One Queen, Five Hillebrities" on Monday, January 16th at Re-Bar. Doors open at 8pm, Show at 9pm.

Ever since I took my first acting and directing class in high school, I have been asking questions left and right. It has been the vain existence of my career: asking questions. Asking questions has become my porn in the sanctuary of making theater. To that end, Ursula Major and I are thrilled about our upcoming show, “One Queen, Five Hillebrities” and we have been working really hard in creating a great wealth of questions to ask these five hillebrities. From the day that I released the names of this “One Queen, Five Hillebrities”, you – yes, you, have asked me, “Why was I not chosen to participate in this??” Well, this will not be the only issue of this fabulous showcase of raw entertainment. There will be other editions in the future. This is only the beginning in new and improved event production on Capitol Hill.

If you don’t know the hillebrities on this panel, then you’re in luck because I’m here to give you the “T”, but it’s all waiting for your eye’s approval after the jump…

Arden Turnbull and Jimmy Scarpello – Sinfinite Productions and ElektroPOP! At The Baltic Room…

Arden Turnbull is a multi-faceted producer with an urge to get up and fill up the dance card that is burning in his wallet.

Jimmy Scarpello is the life of the party as a social butterfly. At any given moment he can make you feel welcomed, with our without his boyfriend, Christopher.

Sinfinite Productions have been taking over Capitol Hill with their hot Thursday night “ElektroPOP! at The Baltic Room and they are not going to stop there! If you are not showing your support in person, you can get more insight through Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Sinfinite I hear some big events are on the horizon and you won’t want to be left unattended.

Shanon – Founder of Ruckus Productions…

Shanon brings a hint of mystery and excitement to event producing that is unique to the naked eye.

Shanon is the founder of Ruckus Productions which produces many events around town including Undergrad at Neighbours Nightclub with DJ PBear and SOS.

Be sure to give them support on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RuckusSeattle

Adaam King – Fashion on the Radio…

Adaam King is fierce with style, execution of words and creating a fantasy for your eyes. He's also not afraid of the tattoo needle.

Adaam is a fashionista like no other and his fashion sense shows not only in his ensemble, but in the friends that surround him. Through his online fashion blog he writes about fashion and interviews designers from all across the map. Give your support: http://www.fashionontheradio.com

Cameron Fetterly – Capitol Hill Socialite…

Cameron Fetterly struts his own fashion as a socialite on Capitol Hill and beyond.

Cameron Fetterly executes a model’s life filled with glamour, socializing and being the lifer at the party.

Whether or not you believe in the whole “hillebritiy” concept, this is still going to be a great show! Come on out to Re-Bar on January 16 at 8pm and get your “wise men” special cocktail at the bar and show your support to these fine individuals and be a part of the start of a new chapter for NQB Productions. The best part of the evening will be the dance fever with your favorite TLC mixer – DJ LA Kendall. Kendall will be spinning beats all night long and I’m sure there will be a few surprises up my sleeve with these contestants that even the naked eye won’t be able to handle. See you next Monday!

-B.Michael Peterson / Artistic Director / NQB Productions

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