Happy Monday Scenesters!

Published by on March 19th, 2012

The world is atwitter with madness and occasional snow… here we go!

Omar Sharif Jr. - newly-out gay, half-Jewish and half-Egyptian... so many hyphens...

Gird your harddrives – Santorum is coming for your porn stash

Marriage equality needs ice cream, apparently. Yay for Ben & Jerry!

Shooting at a Jewish school in Toulouse leaves four dead

Stonewall National Museum & Archives putting your history together… better than that “Creation” museum in Kentucky…

Apple has $97 Billion in cash-on-hand – what does one do with that much money?  I could use some new dress shoes. Or a Harrier. Or, they could buy all other smart phone competitors on the market right now.

Omar Sharif’s insanely hot grandson comes out… as gay and half-Jewish. Guess which one will make going to Egypt a problem?

Oh, and Omar's the hot guy that was on stage with Kirk Douglas during the 2011 Oscars, in case you were still wondering.

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