Kevin Kauer/DJ Nark Named Creative Director Of Q Capitol Hill

Published by on August 7th, 2012

Two of our favorite people: photographer Rachel Robinson and DJ Nark.
Photo: Kevin Kauer

They’ve been hiring over at the soon to open night club, Q Capitol Hill and the first name announced is one familiar to this website. DJ Nark, aka Kevin Kauer, the young impresario behind Nark Magazine and numerous events up and down the West Coast including Fringe, Dickslap, and Bottom 40, will be the new Creative Director / Promotional Manager of the club which is set to open on September 8th. From Q Capitol Hill co-owner, Scott Smith:

Kevin will be working closely with me to develop the events calender for Q so that we can guarantee our patrons the best talent and performers possible — both locally and from around the world.  Kevin is a highly experienced and incredibly talented musician with deep roots in both the local and national DJ communities and he’s already come up with several amazing ideas for the club that we’ll be implementing over the coming weeks and months . . .  and we’re not even paying him yet!!!!  Given his passion and experience I expect Kevin will bring a great perspective and energy to all the events we produce at Q.

Mr. Kauer is also a tad excited about his new gig:

I’ll be bringing in lots of big names… plus favorite djs out of SF, LA and NYC and our favorite and finest locals.
Expect great queer attitudes, sparkly nightlife characters working the door, strong cheap drinks with lots of specials, and so so much more.
OK, we’re a bit biased since we know and like Kevin and he contributes to the site (though not as much as we’d like…but, he does seem to be a bit busy) so you might take our opinion with a grain of salt, but we think this is good news for Capitol Hill/LGBTQ nightlife. Mr. Kauer has excellent taste when it comes to booking hot and soon to be hot talent and combined with the fiscal power of Q, it’s likely we’ll be seeing some big name acts in addition to the best of local talent. (And, competition for good local talent might mean some of them can earn more money!!!)
It seems to be a win/win situation for nightlife fans and local talent.
Maybe not such great news for venues who fail to compete…
To be continued.

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