Scissor Sisters Are Taking A “Break”

Published by on October 25th, 2012

Is this sad news or happy news? Not sure. We adore the glam band Scissor Sisters with all our hearts and souls and we’re a bit distressed to hear that they just announced that the band is “taking a break” for awhile. It’s also hard to believe that the Sisters have been around since 2001…that’s OLD for a band and especially for a band comprised of gay men and a woman who loves them…that’s a lot of divas in one band!

But, maybe a brief sabbatical will be good for the Scissors…We ADORED their first album, liked the second but we were frankly a bit ambivalent about Albums Three and Four. Will time apart give them some breathing room and a chance to come up with some fresh, funky new sounds?

Or, should lead singer Jake Shears just devote his free time to doing gay porn?

You decide.

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