Today In BritCom Rumors: McKellan and Jacobi Sign On As Vicious Old Queens.

Published by on October 29th, 2012

Apologies to Sir Derek but Sir Ian has aged better.


The gay interwebs are all a flutter over rumors that Sir Ian McKellen (pictured above in all his silver-foxiness) and Sir Derek Jacobi have signed-up with ITV to start in a show called Vicious Old Queens.  The British tabloid Daily Star first broke the scoop.

The show, supposedly (I saw supposedly because the Daily Star isn’t the most reliable of sources) created by the a former writer and producer of Will & Grace, will run for six episodes and center on McKellen and Jacobi and their partnered life in London.

I very much hope this rumor proves to be true and the ITV releases this show in the states ASAP.  This queen would love nothing more than to curl up with a glass of Scotch and watch two vaunted actors of stage and screen give each other arch looks and make cutting remarks whilst wearing side-ascots and bow ties.


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