So, if guns aren’t the problem…

Published by on January 28th, 2013


Then I’m perplexed as to what actually is. Is it easier to regulate guns, or the violent and stupid people who use them as instruments of violence and terrorism?

I was raised to believe that the only people who would turn a gun on a fellow human is someone who isn’t smart enough to articulate their problems and work through them, or someone who is too mentally ill to be allowed in the company of the rest of polite society.

Perhaps it’s because the last night’s shooting at Twilight Exit hit a little too close to home – former SGS Headquarters were less than a block away, and not much farther from current HQ. We’ve bent an elbow there many, many nights, and taken business meetings there quite often. Perhaps because that area of Cherry Street could be a gorgeous new haven for growth, and creative and interesting new businesses, but instead has been held back by violence, yet again.

But frankly we’re tired – tired of having violence of this sort happen over and over again. And we wish we knew what to do to make it stop.

Here’s the breakdown of what went on – courtesy of the

Our hearts go out to Stephan and the whole crew at Twilight Exit.

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