Want A Queer Arts & Music Festival? Then, Support It!

Published by on February 6th, 2013


We’ve been whining for the last three years that Seattle desperately needs a queer arts/music festival and apparently others feel the same way because ‘MO WAVE is in the works…

The brainchild of Marcus Wilson (from Pony) and Jodi Ecklund (from Chop Suey), ‘MO WAVE will feature a lot of music but also film and other art and it’s coming the weekend of April 12-14, 2013. They’ve already booked local acts like Eighteen Individual Eyes, Ononos, Pony Time and Glitterbang, plus acts from Portland and Chicago and all over the country with more to be announced. (Go friend them on Facebook to stay updated.)

They also need to raise the MONEYS to put on such a big event, so the ‘Mo Wavers have been putting on fundraisers…the latest, called “GayWad 3″ is happening this Thursday, February 7th at The Wildrose starting at 8pm. Here’s the poo:

Mo-Wave & Uncle Shelley Present:

Fucking Dyke Bitches


DJ Sets By: Porq|Amateur Youth| FistFight

8pm 21+ $5-$10 suggested donations

We’re FULLY supporting ‘Mo Wave as a media sponsor and we’re excited as hell that this is finally happening. Hopefully, all of y’all are excited as well….go to the ‘rose on Thursday and show them some love.

And, money.

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