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Posted by on Mar 7th, 2012

Cannot.Un.See!!!!!  Here is famewhore and “fashion icon” Jessica Simpson getting her Demi Moore on.  What’s that taste you ask?  It’s »

Posted by on Mar 6th, 2012

Oh, James Franco.  If you were truly edgy, artsy and talented you would have DEMANDED that GQ Style Germany only shoot »

Posted by on Mar 5th, 2012

Upset about our gloomy weather today?  Well get over it, we live in Seattle. In case you can’t just get »

Posted by on Mar 1st, 2012

Get ready fashionistas, reality TV fans, celeb memoir lovers and Goreski haters!  Brad Goreski, the cute-pie albeit somewhat annoying, star »

Posted by on Feb 29th, 2012

Apparently Steve Martin and I have at least one thing in common.  We don’t care for Goop aka Glee Destroyer »

Posted by on Feb 23rd, 2012

Who knew the premiere of a Dr. Seuss movie was so cruisy?  Our main gal pal Zac Efron, that’s who. »

Posted by on Feb 21st, 2012

Say hello to America’s next blonde bombshell, Angela “Big Ang” Raiola, from VH1’s “Mob Wives: Season 2.”  It’s a wonderful »

Posted by on Feb 10th, 2012

How precious!  We see that Jay-Z and Beyonce are continuing to enjoy their new parenthood in that most private of »

Posted by on Feb 4th, 2012

Oh, Mary! Mama Tits will be riding high for DAYS on this…her interview with World of Wonder personality Damiana Garcia »

Posted by on Jan 30th, 2012

Camp Madonna just released the artwork for the album cover for “MDNA” her 12th studio album. The first single from »

Posted by on Jan 26th, 2012

If you’re a fan of Project Runway, or are a devotee of contestant mentor Tim Gunn, you’re probably already aware »

Posted by on Dec 19th, 2011

Odd rumors have been circulating all day, fed by the InterTubes, that rocker Jon Bon Jovi had kicked the bucket. »

Posted by on Dec 19th, 2011

TMZ is reporting that Chaz Bono and fiancée Jennifer Elia have called off their engagement. If you remember, we did »

Posted by on Dec 14th, 2011

Last summer, the world lost a TV icon when Rue McClanahan died at the age of 76. But starting on »

Posted by on Nov 28th, 2011

That’s a quote from Chaz Bono’s fiance Jennifer Elia after Chaz proposed to her on top of the Space Needle »

Posted by on Jun 13th, 2011

Bad boy comedian and 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan plunged both feet and a good chunk of a leg in »

Posted by on Jun 7th, 2011

  He’s the only dependable bedmate most of us have had…who wouldn’t want to cuddle up to the ultimate Hot »

Posted by on May 9th, 2011

Everyone’s favorite octogenarian and sole surviving “Golden Girl”, actress and national treasure Betty White was on The Joy Behar Show »

Posted by on May 1st, 2011

We weren’t really aware Kate Middleton, the new bride of Prince William (and now the Duchess of Cambridge, her official »

Posted by on Apr 15th, 2011

The Verizon Guy, actor Paul Marcarelli, who became one of the most famous faces in America through his nearly decade »

Posted by on Mar 28th, 2011

Logo announced this morning that Lady Gaga will be honored with the “Always Next, Forever Now” Award at the “NewNowNext »

Posted by on Mar 23rd, 2011

A former child actress, who grew up to be the woman who pretty much defined what it is to be »

Posted by on Mar 20th, 2011

The P.I. (yes, they still exist…online with SUPER annoying pop-up ads…) is reporting that Mittel America’s favorite addict/actor Charlie Sheen »

Posted by on Mar 7th, 2011

The earth is gonna rumble and roll over Memorial Day Weekend this year…no, Kirstie Alley’s not coming to town for »

Posted by on Feb 26th, 2011

o Movie nerds know who Nikki Finke is…she’s the controversial Hollywood entertainment journalist/blogger and considered one of the most powerful »

Posted by on Feb 18th, 2011

Singer/songwriter Rufus Wainwright just released this statement on his website: Darling daughter Viva Katherine Wainwright Cohen was born on February »

Posted by on Feb 14th, 2011

This photo, (originally seen on Towleroad) is seven shades of awesome. Not only is it a pap shot of that »

Posted by on Feb 12th, 2011

Madame Ga is on the cover of Vogue and has an editorial layout. The Ga in Alexander McQueen: Obviously, she »

Posted by on Feb 8th, 2011

Congratulations to Sex & the City actress Cynthia Nixon and her partner Christine Marinoni. Ms Marinoni gave birth to Max »

Posted by on Feb 7th, 2011

As everyone knows by now, Christina Aguilera performed at yesterday’s Super Bowl. Despite a beautiful vocal performance, Aguilera unfortunately flubbed »

Posted by on Feb 4th, 2011

The American Idol Season Two runner up and heartthrob of old ladies around the world tells the Georgia Voice: After »

Posted by on Jan 27th, 2011

Comedian/actress Geri Jewell, best known for playing “Cousin Geri” on beloved 80’s sitcom The Facts of Life has a new »

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